Teaching Reading

At St. Joseph’s we are passionate about reading and we endeavour to make sure that all our children develop a love of reading and that every child leaves us as a reader.

We use the ‘Read, Write Inc’ and ‘ Literacy and Language ’ as a basis to promote reading and high quality literacy work in the school.

The school also uses the following reading schemes to support the teaching of reading:

Project X
Rigby Star
Big Cat

Oxford Reading Tree


All of our classrooms feature bright, stimulating and inviting books corners for children to sit and read in and we regularly invest in high quality texts for the children. In our book corners you will often find children’s recommendations and reviews of their favourite books. By the time children leave us in year 6 they have read many books by significant authors

Shared reading is a daily occurrence throughout the school and in this time children have further opportunity to engage with high quality texts and show their understanding through a range of responses such as drama and extended writing opportunities. During lessons, children are taught the key skills of: retrieval; inference; structure; language choice; purpose/viewpoint and context.

At every stage of a child’s life, reading should be pleasurable and we believe that time should be devoted at school and home to ‘reading for pleasure’. During curriculum time throughout the week, children have the opportunity to read books of their own choice, which they take home, read and discuss. This is key to the development and enjoyment of reading.

We believe that children should have the opportunity to hear adults read and listening to class stories and novels is a treasured time in the curriculum.

By encouraging a love for reading and writing composition, we aim to inspire our children to fully engage with the imperative life skills that literacy brings.

We are very proud of the reading standards children reach at St. Joseph’s.