The children have regular network meetings with 8 partner schools where they support Unicef children’s rights conventions. The children hold workshops to support different rights called Articles. They also work with the local community developing park areas and have spoken with local MPs about issues related to their community, ie. parking/traffic issues, dog mess, and safe and clean parks.

One of the pupils won the ECCC award for the best ‘Keep our Park safe’ competition. Her winning design was sent out to 6000 local homes.

The ECCC recently went to the Houses of Parliament to find out about making laws and met Tom Blenkinsop. They also had a tour around Parliament and at in the gallery of the House of Commons!

St Joseph’s hosted a Unicef workshop with Kath Hull and Hilaire Angama. Year 4 children and RRSA members were involved and 8 other schools came. We learned all about Article 14 of Children’s Rights and British Values on Tuesday 9th February.