As a parent, I know you wish your child to be safe, receive a good education, gain a sense of responsibility and demonstrate spiritual growth.

At St. Joseph’s, we believe in treating our pupils as part of a large caring family, giving them the opportunity to grow and learn in a challenging, but safe environment. We believe that children learn best when the relationship between home and school is warm and positive. Confidence in school comes from knowing and understanding what we are trying to achieve together and feelings of belonging to, and being responsible for, school are actively fostered in our children.

We believe that if children, parents and teachers work together, then a child’s progress will be significantly improved. We try to keep parents and carers as involved as possible, not only with their child’s education, but also in the workings of the whole school. In order to enhance each child’s personal and academic growth, we ask that you be involved in your child’s education. This can be: checking your child’s homework, listening to them read, talking with teachers, coming to social and celebratory events, attending Masses and assemblies or joining the ‘Friends of St. Joseph’s. Parents are more than welcome to volunteer in school or to suggest ways to move school forward and we are committed to working with you to solve any problems or concerns.

You are welcome to see your child into class each morning and can see the teacher then if you wish to. Teachers are more than willing to discuss any issues with you, just make an appointment if you need a little more time.

You are always welcome to speak to me, just call in!

If you would like to find out more about what we do in school or would like to make suggestions for improvements, please come along to the termly Headteacher Drop In or Parent/Teacher/Governor meeting. You can always leave a suggestion in the Governor Suggestion box in the school entrance.

The more involved you are, the more positive will your child’s primary school experience be!